Scandinavian and Viking Warfare

(Ninth Century to Fifteenth Century)


Selections from Agrip at Noregskonungasqum - added January 20, 2002

Knut's Invasion of England in 1015-16, according to the Knytlinga Saga - added July 26, 2002

War in the Orkney Islands in the Eleventh Century - added September 23, 2002

Danish History Books I-IX, by Saxo Grammaticus - added August 20, 2002

Heimskringla or The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway by Snorri Sturluson - added August 20, 2002

The Battle of Norafiord (1184), according to the Sverrissaga - added January 10, 2003

The Siege of the Rock of Tunsberg (1201), from the Sverrissaga - added January 10, 2003

Selections about warfare from The King's Mirror, a thirteenth century Norwegian text - added August 20, 2001

Warfare in Thirteenth Century Iceland - added January 20, 2002

Thirteenth Century Warfare between Norway and Scotland - added February 2, 2002

Military Organisation in the Guta Saga - added March 7, 2003



Browner, Jessica A. "Viking" Pilgrimage to the Holy Land fram! fram! cristmenn, crossmenn, konungsmenn! (Oláfs saga helga, ch. 224.) - from Essays in History v. 34 (1992) -added April 11, 2002

Coupland, Simon, The Frankish Tribute Payments to the Vikings and their Consequences - from Francia v.26 (1999) - added February 3, 2003

Ditchburn, David, Bremen Piracy and Scottish Periphery: The North Sea World in the 1440s - from Ships, Guns and Bibles in the North Sea and the Baltic States, c.1350-c.1700 (2000) - added January 27, 2003

Doxey, Gary B., Norwegian Crusaders and the Balearic Islands - from Scandinavian Studies, v.68:2, (Spring, 1996) - (PDF file) - added January, 20, 2002

Gade, Kari Ellen, Northern Lights on the Battle of Hastings - from Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies v.28 (1997) - added August 20, 2002

Hanner, Brent, The King's Mirror as a Medieval Military Manual - added November 27, 2001

Helmerichs, Robert, Rollo as a Historical Figure - added September 15, 2002

Jensen, Kurt Villads, Valdemar the Victorious - the wildcard in pope Innocent's Northern policy - from a conference paper (1998) - added December 20, 2002

Jensen, Kurt Villads, The Barbarization of the Northerners as a result of the First Crusade - from a conference paper (1999) - added December 20, 2002

Jensen, Kurt Villads, What was the centre of the crusading movement? Some Scandinavian examples of the Concept Crusader State - from a conference paper (2000) - added December 20, 2002

Jorgensen, Anne Norgard, Military organisation and sea-defence in Denmark, 200-1200 AD - from Military Studies in Medieval Europe (1997) - added August 23, 2002 - (PDF file)

Lindow, John, Thor’s Duel with Hrungnir - from Alvissmal v.6 (1996) - added July 24, 2002 (PDF file)

McDougall, Ian, Discretion and deceit: a re-examination of a military stratagem in Egils saga - from The Middle Ages in the Northwest (1995) - added December 26, 2002

Normann, Lena, Women or Warrior? The Construction of Gender in Old Norse Myth - from Old Norse Myths, Literature and Society: Proceedings of the 11th International Saga Conference (2000) - added August 20, 2002 (PDF file)

Peterson, Jan, The Norwegian Viking Swords - from The Mediaeval Sword Resource Site - added September 5, 2002

Rowe, Elizabeth Ashman, Historical Invasions/Historiographical Inventions: Snorri Sturluson and the Battle of Stamford Bridge - from Medievalia: A Journal of Medieval Studies 17 (1994) (PDF file) - added September 5, 2002


Book Reviews

Swords of the Viking Age , by Ian Peirce - reviewed by Paul Mortimer 

Ships and Men in the Late Viking Age: The Vocabulary of Runic Inscriptions and Skaldic Verse, by Judith Jesch - reviewed by Susan Rose

Ships and Men in the Late Viking Age: The Vocabulary of Runic Inscription and Skaldic Verse, by Judith Jesch - reviewed by Eric Christiansen (English Historical Review)

Ágrip af Nóregskonungasögum: A Twelfth-Century Synoptic History of the Kings of Norway, edited by Matthew James Driscoll - reviewed by Kari Ellen Gade (Alvíssmál) (pdf)

Bloodtaking and Peacemaking: Feud, Law, and Society in Saga Iceland, by William Ian Miller - reviewed by Gunnar Karlsson (Alvissmal) (pdf)

The Norsemen in the Viking Age, by Eric Christiansen - reviewed by Margaret Clunies Ross


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