Warfare in Medieval Spain

(Including Portugal and al-Andalus, from the Eight to Fifteenth Centuries)

Primary Sources

The Battle of Zallaqa, 1086 - added March 24, 2002

Excerpts from the Chronicle of the Cid - added September 13, 2002

Pisan raids on the Balearics, 1114 - added March 24, 2002

The Genoese expedition to Almeria, 1147 - added March 24, 2002

The Battle of Alarcos, 1195 - added March 24, 2002

The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, 1212 - added March 24, 2002

The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, according to The Latin Chronicle of the Kings of Castile - added April 27, 2003

Muslim accounts on warfare in al-Andalus - added April 27, 2003

The Battle of Jerez, 1231 - added March 28, 2002

Siege of Burriana (1233), according to the Chronicle of James the Conqueror - added May 13, 2002

The Chronicle of  Ramón Muntaner - added September 15, 2002 (PDF)

The Chronicle of Pere III: Campaign in Roussillion, 1344 - added December 8, 2001

English Troops in Portugal in 1381, according to Fernao Lopes - added January 27, 2002

The Capture of Ceuta by the Portuguese (1415) - added July 7, 2003

The Unconquered Knight, by Gutierre Diaz de Gamez - added September 15, 2002 (PDF)

Duarte Barbosa's description of Aden and the Portuguese attack of 1513 - added January 19, 2003


Barton, Simon, A Forgotten Crusade: Alfonso VII of Leon-Castile and the Campaign for Jaen (1148) - from Historical Research v.73 (2000) - added August 23, 2002

Barton, Simon, From Tyrants to Soldiers of Christ: the nobility of twelfth-century Leon-Castile and the struggle against Islam - from Nottingham Medieval Studies v.44 (2000) - added July 24, 2002

Brodman, James William, Ransoming Captives in Crusader Spain: The Order of Merced on the Christian-Islamic Frontier - from the Library of Iberian Resources Online website - added April 20, 2002

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Burns, Robert, Warrior Neighbours: Alfonso el Sabio and Crusader Valencia: an Archival Case Study in His International Relations, from Viator v.21 (1990) - coming soon

Castellanos Gomez, Juan, La batalla de Calatañazor: mito y realidad, from Revista de Historia Militar v.91 (2002) - added January 13, 2003

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Costa, Ricardo da, A mentalidade de cruzada em Portugal (séculos XII-XIV) - from Guerra Santa e Cristandade (2000) - added November 29, 2002

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Guilmartin, John F., The Cutting Edge: An Analysis of the Spanish Invasion and Overthrow of the Inca Empire, 1532-1539 - from Transatlantic Encounters: Europeans and Andeans in the Sixteenth Century; (1991) - added December 24, 2002

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Izbicki, Thomas M., The Punishment of Pride: Castilian Reactions to the Battle of Aljubarrota - added February 28, 2002

Kagay, Donald, The Town In Service Of War In The Medieval Crown Of Aragon - added January 3, 2002

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Powers, James, A Society Organized for War: The Iberian Municipal Militias in the Central Middle Ages, 1000-1284 - from the Library of Iberian Resources Online website - added April 20, 2002

Rodríguez García, José Manuel  Historiografía de las Cruzadas (una perspectiva desde el siglo XIII) - from Espacio, Tiempo y Forma (Medieval), 14 (2000) (PDF file) - added February 26, 2003

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Rodríguez García, José Manuel,  Las cruzadas vistas desde Sevilla - from Congreso: 750 aniversario de la Conquista de Sevilla. Sevilla. 2000 - added February 26, 2003

Rodríguez García, José Manuel,  Los enfrentamientos bélicos con Inglaterra y sus gentes: la visión Castellana, 1250-1515 - from Revista de Historia Militar, 84/2 (1998) - added February 26, 2003

Rodríguez García, José Manuel,  Relaciones cruzadas entre Portugal y Castilla, 1252-1297 - from As relaçoes de fronteira no século de Alcanices. Actas das IV Jornadas Luso-Españolas de Historia Medieval (1998) - added February 26, 2003

Rodríguez García, José Manuel  "Fernando III y sus campañas en el contexto Cruzado Europeo - from Archivo Hispalense, 234-236 (1994) - added February 26, 2003

Ryder, Alan, Cloth and Credit: Aragonese War Finance in the mid-Fifteenth Century - from War and Society v.2 (1984) - added June 17, 2003

Villalon, Andrew J., "Seeking Castles in Spain": Sir Hugh Calveley and the Free Companies Intervention in Iberian Warfare (1366-1369) - from Crusades, Condotierri, Codes, and Cannon:  Medieval Warfare Around the Mediterranean (2002) - added September 15, 2002


Book Reviews

Three basic books for the military history of medieval Spain  - reviewed by José Manuel Rodríguez García

12 de Septiembre de 1213. El Jueves de Muret, by Martin Alvira Cabrer - reviewed by José Manuel Rodríguez García  

Guerra y relaciones políticas. Castilla-León y los musulmanes, ss. XI-XIII., by Francisco García Fitz - reviewed by Jose Manuel Rodriguez Garcia


External Web Sites

http://www.terravista.pt/ancora/1627/pag_1_e.htm - Battles of Portugal

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/3908/militaryorders/index.html - Portuguese Military Orders

http://rococo.ele.cie.uva.es/ismael/med/battle.html - Battles of Castile and Leon - by Ismael Barba García


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