Robert of Clari's account of the Fourth Crusade

Robert of Clari was a knight from Picardy who took part in the Fourth Crusade, which ended with the capture of Constantinople in 1204.  Robert seems to have returned to France in 1205, since although his work contains references up to the date of 1216, the events between 1205 and 1216 are summed up very briefly in what serves almost as an epilogue to his story.  His chronicle is one of the few accounts we have where we see military events being discussed from the point of view of an ordinary soldier.  For more information on Robert of Clari, please see Peter Noble's article, Eyewitnesses of the Fourth Crusade - the War against Alexius III, from Reading Medieval Studies

This text is divided up into four sections

Chapters 1 to 30

Chapters 31 to 60

Chapters 61 to 90

Chapters 91 to 120

This work has been republished from Three Old French Chronicles of the Crusades, ed. Edward N. Stone (Seattle, 1939).  Another easily available translation can be found in The Conquest of Constantinople, ed. Edgar Holmes McNeal (Medieval Academy Reprints for Teaching vol.36)

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