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If you have any suggestions for books to review, or wish to review one yourself, please contact our book reviews editor, Steven Walton at Penn State, at

The book reviews editor would like to express thanks to Penn State's STS Program for onging support for the review process.

Unreviewed Books

Although the books were distributed to the reviewers as noted below, the reviews below were never forthcoming:

Andy King
Bernard S. Bachrach (x2)
Charles Bowlus
Craig Taylor
Daniel Mondekar
David McDaniel
David Seim
David Trim

Don Kagay
Stephen McCauley (x2)
Fred Clume
J. Patrick Hughes
James Burrett
Kathy Talarico
Kelly DeVries
L. J. Andrew Villalon
Mark Vaughn

Brian R. Price
Zsolt Hunyadi
Emir Filipovic
Matthew Bennett (x2)
Matthew Strickland
Paul Gans
Peter Konicezny (x2)
Stephen Morillo
Steven Isaac

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